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At Canterbury, mum didn’t lose a sweat identifying the location given to her, which is also an apartment she once lived in with our dad. She entered to find not just the lawyer sited, but most of my dad’s old colleague as well, including his boss. Pleasantries were in accordance; even though mum couldn’t really grasp, and understand why all the people she met there were actually really there for seeing how the will is that of her husband. Mum was quite mature about her facial and body expression because she don’t wanna arouse any attention to both her and her daughter. Soon everyone sat to listen to the will of Mr mason, before death, Dad instructed the lawyer to play a video of him before reading out the will to everyone. The video was a recording my dad made without the consent of my mum 7 years ago, the video was recorded while mum and dad were on the bed talking about I and Kerry and our love for the beach, even though the video ended abruptly, mum didn’t look confused like everyone in that room which were present for the hearing of the will. Now it was time for the will to be read, and the lawyer showed everyone the sealed envelope containing the will, as at this time my sister who was narrating the whole story to me said she was tired and confused already, because all she knew about dad was fast becoming a thing of less tangibility and that she wasn’t sure she wanted to stay in that room anymore. When I asked her, what is it that made her stay eventually, she said it was because of mum.

Having made sure the envelope containing the will had no alteration, the lawyer then opened the will to read.




She moves from room to room, at a pace of a confused soul; she couldn’t help it.

I mean, the pain had always been there, but this time, its different.

everyone she knows, is not who she thought they were anymore,

her life is plunging deep into a crash of un-saving reputation;

Tracy! Tracy!! Tracy!!!

you seem to have over done it this time, you should have stayed quiet:

now; your ridicule will be without redemption!

(a touching story of Tracy’s life of un-expected turns, coming soon to this blog)





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It was indeed a faithful and beautiful hot sunday afternoon when James and Francis, decided they wanna go chill and cool off at Michael’s flat at yaba, opp sweet sensation, hoping to find him cooking, so they can feed their starving stomachs. “So, this is what I didn’t tell u initially! You see, james and francis are two finalist at lagos state university, both studying earth sciences”. On getting to Michael’s flat, they found him quiet and reserve, deep in thought and carried away. James decides to snap him out of whatever it is he was lost into, and until then, did they both noticed, he wasn’t just quiet and carried away in some fantasy, he was critically depressed and lifeless. Opening the curtain to get a better look at Michael’s countenance, they realized his skin was looking pale already. Michael ! Michael !! Michael !!! Francis shouted!. Yes! Michael replied with a dragging mild voice. With such detrimental tone of reply, james and francis decide amongst themselves, that the best way to gear Michael up, is by teasing him. “This is the irony behind James and francis kind of teasing. James and francis are two set of weird boy, who often make Michael feel like, him and the two of them are all boring and lazy musketeers whose future in lagos state university is a stretch of lonely island without an escape plan.” The planned teasing, didn’t take long before Michael, slipped into his previous mood and in a short while, he fainted; and immediately he became as cold as a mild ice block.

As confused and scared as james and francis were, there were quite aware of the need to call an ambulance, and so they did, luckily an ambulance was stationed 10 min from the house. While they were waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, francis brought up the idea to pour him water on the face, to see maybe they would be any changes, and as a result, he will wake up. Without much delay, James got the water from the kitchen and gave it to francis who brought forward the initiative with a warning, reminding him of Michael’s current temperature. Francis, being blinded by his plan, didn’t allow james warning stop him from carrying out his thesis on Michael. After the operation “pour water on Michael” took place, Haaaatttccheeewww! Was the power sneeze Michael released, immediately the water touched his head.


So this award have been there for a while now, and i basically wasn’t aware of the award on time, majorly because the notice was sent straight to spam.

so needless to say; am grateful for this recognition of excellence that i have been bestowed with by one of my most cherished co-blogger Olive ole. OLIVE OLE  is indeed an individual of multi-diversity, both through her personality as a writer and as a blogger.

moving on to the award proper,


Premio Dardos means “prize darts” in Spanish and is given “in recognition of cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values transmitted in the form of creative and original writing.”

This award comes with the following rules:

1) Include the Premio Dardos Award Picture and the name of the person that nominated you (Include a link to their blog)

2) Nominate 15 other blogs and notify them!

3) Thank the blogger who nominated you in your blog and link back.

the first rule can be found above, and as for the second rule,

the second rule can be seen below;

the name of the 15 blogs i nominate for this awards are:

truth. love. service


kelli blogs

Meg sorick- writes better than she dress


Maria Maria


the poeticturk

maria morera johnson

jk not jk

truth truly true


blogging it like a Goddess

slash in the box


Happy blogging


The night after i and my dad had a sparing disagreement, as to whether or not i am permitted to go camping at the great historic tararua forest park at Wellington with some close friends of mine, something really strange happened, i could swear that the stars had so many things, that are sure weird and creepy. firstly, the stars congregate to form a warning sign in form of an exclamation mark, like that wasn’t facilitating enough, I also heard echos from it. now, as the time I heard these echos, i was already yawning from the sleep am yet to have. still, i believed the stars actually did echoed something to me; even though i don’t know what that is just yet, i intend to find out at all cost what that is. on getting inside, i narrated my assumptions to Evelyn my sister, she was so certain, i was hallucinating from the long gaze i had placed on watching the stars all night. with all said and suggested, my believe was keenly place in the knowledge that, the stars did communicate to me.

A day into the frivolous camping i and my friend had placed ourselves into, i couldn’t help but think about the fight that had occurred between i and my dad, and how trivial the topic that caused it was. in addition to those thought, the incident regarding the congregated star could also barely leave my memory, making my stay here in camp unpleasant. with hopeful determination, i stayed up that night, believing something strange will happen again. but just when my eyes were gradually getting close to the nightly atmosphere, one of the forest rangers, tapped me lightly on the shoulder. with utmost fear of the unknown, i jumped up shouting “help”: calm down boy, i am an official here, and i just wanted to tell you to go and sleep inside, instead of sleeping out here in the cold. except you’ve got something on your mind, you wanna ruminate over.

having sat for an hour to discuss some of my personal issues with the ranger, a snake crawled to my friends tent, hoping to get find something i honestly don’t know about. but from the rear, i saw a shadow cast of the snake on the body of the creamy tent, browsing with its flawed belle through various bucket that was placed inside the tent. with all hastiness, the ranger made arrangement while my friends were still sleeping helplessly within the zone where the snake was parading round. the noise my friend made an hour after the snake was killed, was indeed epic and scary. i just felt so grateful the next day when we were all fully seated inside the bus, healthy and fine irrespective of what transpired a day before.

at the end of it all, i believe the stars were my saving grace; because had i not been out focusing on the stars, i and my friends safety would have been highly questionable.


The creepy day

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Creepy.”

Today was indeed a creepy day, majorly because i didn’t see a task like this coming from blogging 101.

but then, creepy is a norm in my small world; I work in a place where love is a commodity of rear purchase due to enmity without lines that have plagued both the adult males and female in my place of work. the thought of transferring kindness from one person to the other in my office is as imaginary as Santa Claus is, to a 18-year-old person. so, in the sharpest of senses, my day is one hell of a creepy one.

thanks #blogging 101 for the offload.

Unveiling The Brotherhood Award

So this award was a good one, I mean the brotherhood of a the world, I was completely lost in my imagination seeking a route out into the limelight of reality, when this award drew me out into the open. I was nominated by a good friend for this award. her tagline is one of those unique statement, you just don’t see everywhere .Your Life, Your Mind – It Matters! so guys do check her out.
So there’s five step to this award, First step is to acknowledge the award, that I have done in the first paragraph. Then step two is to showcase the badge.
Here is the batch!

Step three is all about answering questions, and now is time to answer this questions:

Question 1. What is something you don’t want to regret when you are older?
Answer 1. I don’t want to grow up and find out that I had missed out on something so great I could have been part off.
Question 2. What is the one thing that you are terrified of?
Answer 2. Not achieving aplenty I could have achieved.
Question 3. What activity do you never procrastinate on when it needs doing?
Answer 3. Reading when need arises.
Question 4. What temptations would you be better off removing from your life?
Answer 4. My unethical feelings towards my closest friend.
Question 5. What song reminds you of the good times from your teenage years?
Answer 5. Rihanna’s take a bow

Now is the part I love most, it’s step four. This is the point of nomination, and below are the nominees :





Olive ole

Cathy lynn brooks

jk not jk
Finally step five Is all about asking my nominees questions. My question goes thus ;
1. who is one person you cherish most?
2. What is your most challenging period?
3. Who would you protect most if you were placed in a controversial position?
4. What is your aspirations?
5. Would you get naughty if need arises with a cute stranger?

Enjoy the questions dear!!!
Hail brotherhood of the world!!! *smiles*

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