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The truth about my family and its inheritance is something my mum and sister would never discuss with anyone. I on the other hand could care less about some stupid myth and legend, especially when it has to do with superstition and fallacy. I have always wondered, what use and importance is so much money to me if I can’t leave Stewart island, and so I live my life as a peasant here at mason bay, mum doesn’t like me being that way, but I also don’t care what she thinks. I and my sister when we were young, occasionally go to the beach; to lie flat on the burnt sharp sand that spread itself on the shore of the ocean to think, wish and imagine what our life would actually look like; if we should one day leave mason bay and probably go to the far Northland. We’ve always heard of a place called Auckland and we were told the life there is really nice, or better still the capital “Canterbury”, I know the life there will be splendid, having heard so many tourist talk about the place. At the dawn of our 17years birthday, our dad died, and ever since then we all are yet to get over it. My mum I’ll say felt and missed him the most, there after, my sister also still gets quiet and moody whenever she goes to his study room. I wouldn’t wanna say I don’t miss him, I indeed do miss him once in a while, I mean I don’t know much about the man, beside the fact that he his my father, and he travels a lot from one island to the other. His death didn’t leave the family without a mark, ever since his departure to the other side, my sister hasn’t been the sweet twin sister I use to have. On the 30th day after his death, a lawyer we don’t know, called my mum from Canterbury to come attest to my dad’s will, and judging then by the look on my mums face, I can tell she is probably the most surprised person alive.

On that faithful day mum was gonna go to Canterbury, she decided to go along with Kerry my sister. Ever since our childhoods, mum had always believed Kerry to be the matured one, so also is my dad when he was alive: I can recall on several occasions where dad will tell Kerry to take care of me and not loose sight of me. Kerry always feeling superior would hastily nod yes blinking to dads warning. So mum taking Kerry to the location the lawyer told her about instead of me, didn’t come as a surprise, infact it was probably one of my most anticipated moments. Having planned so much to do, and so many places I would love to go visit.


Comments on: "The Spring That Speaks At Stewart Island" (3)

  1. I loved reading your post, it tells so much about you.Have a great day.:)

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