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this story was inspired by the article i read this morning at this wonderful blog, click here to read Big Brother

Her birth was dated April 18 1990, she was then perceived as God’s own sent. Event around her life was pretty rapid, I mean she started walking and talking 8 month after birth, her parent knees down every day to thank God for the angel he sent to their life. Little does the new-born knows about the turn her life was about to face.

It all started 8 years after her birth, the care the young Girl had always known to be for her, disappeared in a glance and in an attempt to revive something she believed in, she started pick-pocketing (a mild act of stealing). In the light of being caught, she was tagged so much name, a name that connotes shame on the family.

The parent, who have stopped being responsible for her care and wellbeing, heard all the insult that her attitude and act of mischief had summed to life; and immediately, they summoned her only to bundle her away to a place 300 miles away. Hoping to rid her shameful did off their life.

It was late when she got to the land of the Fulani’s, only to feel lost and estranged. she waited for the one who was tasked to pick her up to no avail, having no option but to find a place around to spend the night, she wept all night at the callousness of her parent who at selfish reasons, deliver her into the hands of such a person whose empathy obviously had degenerated over time. She wandered all night as she wept, what exactly she had done, to deserve such level deprivation. At the dawn of the next day, her new guardian arrive to pick her up, and gave a flimsy excuse for not making time the previous night to come pick her up. As she sat quiet in the person’s car, she vows never to place her trust in anyone.

10th October 2008 was indeed a day of celebration, the Muslim’s eid-al-fitr was ongoing, and this particular girl, who had been depreciated off every emotional entanglement from her young age was all dressed up, to go and celebrate with her Muslim friends; who were feeling big on the mood, and are ready to spend some money based on such moods. At the dawn of her room’s door, her dad stood there looking disgusted at her. With a respectful tone she knelt and greeted him, as her manner was in the past. Welcome she said. Have your seat her dad said.

In a mild way, she sat still being accused by her dad who was questioning her survival instinct, he proposed that, the only way she survived all this years was because she lived a life of a prostitute! At the sound of such accusation, with all the adrenaline she could draw from within, she shouted in a way she never did on the old rugged suspicious man she imagined was her father, asking him with all certainty to leave the room and never visit her again.

Looking all the more surprised and astounded, the old man left his daughter’s room and vow, to never hold up his bargain on her education anymore. Sad as she was, she summoned strength to still attend the outing her friends organized; hoping that the party would ease the valley of sadness her father had gradually opened up in her heart. She did met a guy at this outing who was caring and emotionally nice to her, and so she consented to go on a date with him.

After several dates, three years after they were certified lovers, but then no talk of proposal was coming up. Being a girl without a solid family, the supposed boyfriend took advantage of that to buy her everything she loves, and also paid her school fees. But then the boy was not the kind of guy who wanted to settle down. It was a like a crumbling skyscraper, when she told the supposed lover she was pregnant, and the boy denied her flat to her face, calling all they’ve had for 3 years a scam. At the sound of this she fainted and was rushed to the hospital. After her release she learnt that the boy have relocated, to start a family of his own somewhere else.

And this was he,r back at square one, with a child she knows not how to raise.



  1. I liked reading it–tells about the trials and tribulations of many women of our society. 🙂


  2. Beautifully composed! This one really struck a chord with me, I could feel the characters every emotions!

  3. Realistic story of many ill-treated women. Thanks for following my blog, Shoriilliizzee. I welcome you.

  4. This is really lovely and educating, kindly check out my blog and follow

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