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So this award was a good one, I mean the brotherhood of a the world, I was completely lost in my imagination seeking a route out into the limelight of reality, when this award drew me out into the open. I was nominated by a good friend for this award. her tagline is one of those unique statement, you just don’t see everywhere .Your Life, Your Mind – It Matters! so guys do check her out.
So there’s five step to this award, First step is to acknowledge the award, that I have done in the first paragraph. Then step two is to showcase the badge.
Here is the batch!

Step three is all about answering questions, and now is time to answer this questions:

Question 1. What is something you don’t want to regret when you are older?
Answer 1. I don’t want to grow up and find out that I had missed out on something so great I could have been part off.
Question 2. What is the one thing that you are terrified of?
Answer 2. Not achieving aplenty I could have achieved.
Question 3. What activity do you never procrastinate on when it needs doing?
Answer 3. Reading when need arises.
Question 4. What temptations would you be better off removing from your life?
Answer 4. My unethical feelings towards my closest friend.
Question 5. What song reminds you of the good times from your teenage years?
Answer 5. Rihanna’s take a bow

Now is the part I love most, it’s step four. This is the point of nomination, and below are the nominees :





Olive ole

Cathy lynn brooks

jk not jk
Finally step five Is all about asking my nominees questions. My question goes thus ;
1. who is one person you cherish most?
2. What is your most challenging period?
3. Who would you protect most if you were placed in a controversial position?
4. What is your aspirations?
5. Would you get naughty if need arises with a cute stranger?

Enjoy the questions dear!!!
Hail brotherhood of the world!!! *smiles*


Comments on: "Unveiling The Brotherhood Award" (2)

  1. Thank you very much for nominating me!

  2. […] nominated for the Brotherhood of the World Award by the lovely Shoriilliizzee who writes the blog Memoirs and Articles, and even though I do not have time for the followup on awards, I would like to answer her […]

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