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It was indeed a faithful and beautiful hot sunday afternoon when James and Francis, decided they wanna go chill and cool off at Michael’s flat at yaba, opp sweet sensation, hoping to find him cooking, so they can feed their starving stomachs. “So, this is what I didn’t tell u initially! You see, james and francis are two finalist at lagos state university, both studying earth sciences”. On getting to Michael’s flat, they found him quiet and reserve, deep in thought and carried away. James decides to snap him out of whatever it is he was lost into, and until then, did they both noticed, he wasn’t just quiet and carried away in some fantasy, he was critically depressed and lifeless. Opening the curtain to get a better look at Michael’s countenance, they realized his skin was looking pale already. Michael ! Michael !! Michael !!! Francis shouted!. Yes! Michael replied with a dragging mild voice. With such detrimental tone of reply, james and francis decide amongst themselves, that the best way to gear Michael up, is by teasing him. “This is the irony behind James and francis kind of teasing. James and francis are two set of weird boy, who often make Michael feel like, him and the two of them are all boring and lazy musketeers whose future in lagos state university is a stretch of lonely island without an escape plan.” The planned teasing, didn’t take long before Michael, slipped into his previous mood and in a short while, he fainted; and immediately he became as cold as a mild ice block.

As confused and scared as james and francis were, there were quite aware of the need to call an ambulance, and so they did, luckily an ambulance was stationed 10 min from the house. While they were waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, francis brought up the idea to pour him water on the face, to see maybe they would be any changes, and as a result, he will wake up. Without much delay, James got the water from the kitchen and gave it to francis who brought forward the initiative with a warning, reminding him of Michael’s current temperature. Francis, being blinded by his plan, didn’t allow james warning stop him from carrying out his thesis on Michael. After the operation “pour water on Michael” took place, Haaaatttccheeewww! Was the power sneeze Michael released, immediately the water touched his head.


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