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Love doesn’t have to be so complicated!

sometimes in March, i confronted larry on a number of decision he had started manifesting; this i did, to know what was going on in his life. At the end of this short story about larry’s life, i believe you’ll come to agree with my advice for him.

The life larry has decided to start dwelling in, is as much normal as a life many has chosen for themselves in the past, the only problem was his conscience. Larry from his youthful days have always known, that he had emotional attachment to his best-friend who happen to be the same-sex with him; the thought of such emotional attachment drove him to a mad extreme of internal denial. after i and larry met, it didn’t take too long before we became close friends, to the stage where he felt so relax to share a secret or two with me. Michael he said, i have a problem to share with you. with a straight face i asked him to go ahead with the secret.

after 3 hours of conversing, i came to realize that larry’s past 5 years have been cemented on emotional torture. at this stage all i could tell him was not too worry or dwell much on the thought, instead! he should approach his best-friend about his feelings.

now its cogent i tell you that larry is a very religious person, who takes his religious life to heart. as at the time i encouraged larry to tell his best friend of his emotional thought, and then see what becomes of it. After my advice, all larry could mutter to me was that it’s all a sin!!! i looked back at him with a slight smile, and tell him “GOD GAVE YOU THE HEART TO LOVE ANYONE, BUT WHAT YOU THEN DO WITH SUCH LOVE IS WHAT DETERMINES IF ITS SIN OR NOT!.” as i was about leaving, larry thanked me for the piece of advice, and i left him with this simple word, ‘LOVE DON’T HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED’.



  1. I think Larry did the right thing and you advised him wisely. I like this story and the instagram pics too. I wish you very best, Michael.

    Anand ūüôā

  2. It never has to be. As a matter of fact, it should be the simplest emotion when we accept people as they are.

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