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A Letter to My Future Wife


The whole matter of relationship for so long, have been a topic I don’t like coming to reality to face. Reason been that, I have seen a lot of heart-broken, for what they believed so much in to be a genuine love. And yet we all go around proclaiming how important love and relationship is to our survival.

But then, the pain that comes with loving someone so dearly doesn’t stay without its own gains. as much as love and relationship hurt when it’s over, the joy it brings while it remains can’t be quantify.

So therefore, this is a letter to my future wife;

Dear Future wife,

hello love, my name is Michael and in as much as you don’t know me now, soon you’ll come to be my life partner. a lot of things won’t be right with me. in fact, you may have to fix my broken heart over a long duration. my complexity will be frustrating, that am sure off, but then don’t look at the complex man who i have come to be; instead, look deep into my eyes to find the simplicity of my person, if not for love, but then for our unborn child.

over the years sweet heart, you’ll come to discover the past i have kept so well from you, and it will disgust you. but please don’t turn to friends for explanations; please turn to me for explanations. i would sometimes be arrogant, but then love, please don’t try to outsmart my arrogance; instead, just lemme be.

lastly, i would do a lot of things that would provoke you to divorce, seeing how my empathy is a little low towards love. but please dear always turn to my mother; because “she is indeed the only one who can quench my raging storm!”.

yours sincerely

your future Husband

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  1. That’s a wonderful, well thought out letter. I, too, write letters sometimes to my someday. It seems to quell the anxious heart.

  2. My advice, for what it’s worth:

    Be honest about the scary parts up front or as close to up front as possible. It is hard, it will make you vulnerable, and you will be rejected many times. But the person who is worth it will stick around anyway. It’s also a lot easier than to live in constant fear of being rejected when they discover you’ve been lying by omission for weeks, months, years.

    Relationships take work and respect. If you can’t talk about each other’s faults in a loving and constructive manner, it isn’t going to work.

    Best of luck to you and everyone out there in the single world.

    A Formerly Desperately Sad Single Person Who’s Now (Finally) Happily Married

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