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What it means to feel lost

Life at its best can only be computational, you keep on projecting but then the end result doesn’t at all times show what you projecting. And whenever some certain projections fails repeatedly, one often assume his/her life ain’t moving smoothly. This feeling I know too well.  

I was met by an opportunity in a period of financial doubt, I had so much plans facing a successful life,  I made astute projections which is believe would yield the result of success. But at the end it was met with unfortunate mishap.  

For a period of time, days, or maybe week (depression was setting in already and time was slipping pass me), I was discouraged, I wouldn’t invest anymore and I won’t trust no more; it was really painful to see your clear projection crumbles before you. I wallowed in my doubt and failure till my skin puffs out the odour of doubt. 

But then I held myself strong,  waxed my conscience to strength because I know staying low and defeated is no way to face the future, No one said life is a smooth tarred road. Sometimes, some occurrence happens and we don’t have all the answers to the “why?”, but one thing we do have is the will to move past them. I moved past my doubt and I am certain someday I will look back to see how well things have played out, irrespective of what the data presented looked like. Never give up because, nothing in life comes easy. 

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