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Her doubt never leaves!

Her pain would just not bow!.

Day after day her imaginations are at the mercy of several unanswered questions. Such questions as :

Where has he been?

His he cheating on me? 

What’s keeping him this late? 

What have I done wrong? 

Is it a crime to love unconditionally she will always murmured to herself. Yet her love wouldn’t let go. It took so long yet she stayed in the pain of this fear. Her friends would relinquish their loyalty so easily because they never had her interest at heart. 

Her hope of an utopian love refuse to actualize and now her heart cracks with every  dawn of the day. No comfort, no trust. Yet she hopes on. 
What could she have done differently?, 

How could she have reacted differently?, 

As a friend from the opposite sex, I will bury my thought on this questions. are all men supposed to be this heartless.

But then C’mon, am not this heartless!

Then how come this guy is so unconcern with the sorrow of his fiance’s lost heart. 

The reason behind some actions I would really not be able to explain or better still understand,  but this much I can do, I’ll call her mind to sanity with my words. Life is not a bed of roses and just as the popular “Creflo Dollar” will say,

“life is a series of decision! ” I will nag to her hearing on how important it is for her to stay happy. 

There’s so much about life that wouldn’t make all the sense you need them to make, but that doesn’t mean you stay sorrowful. After all change is the only constant! life has to offer. And the sorrow of today doesn’t necessarily means it’ll last forever. 

Yes her heart is wandering about in the desert  of hopeless love, but that is only temporary and soon everything is going to be fine. 

This I would often nag to her ear,  and she will mutter away. But in time her heart will mend again, this I know for certain and the decision she’ll make then would again be a sane decision. 
No one has the whole answers to life’s questions, but then we do have our will, mind and thought to reconstruct to suite us as need arises.  She will be fine this I believe strongly. And she will love again!!!!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖


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