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The root of a mountain goes way beyond the underground water table, and often times emerges so high above the ground, that one feel all sort of feeling standing beside it. In a temperate region, it’s presence draws so many creatures, from deadly to not so deadly ones. It often stops what’s coming from in front or behind it, most especially when there is no other route around it. 

So also is the barriers of life; they poses in most cases, a significant threat to forging ahead. Now there are different types of Barriers, to mention a few,  there are:

Emotional barriers,

Academical barriers,

Financial Barriers, 

Relationship barriers, 

Religious barriers and so on!!!!!!!! 

But then every barriers is not a constant, it’s merely a suggestion to your mind,  telling you in a cynical way to turn back and heard back to where you coming from, and in turn gives you a message that there’s no hope in that path you threading. 

I won’t be able to dwell on the various forms of barrier,  so I will speak generally. 

A popular quote I love says

 “The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out. The brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something. Because the brick walls are there to stop the people who don’t want it badly enough. They’re there to stop the other people.”

And that’s as good as it get,  barriers are always meant to be broken, and often times what lies afterwards are always better.

The only people barriers turns quiet are actual losers, might not look like that at first, but eventually even them get to wonder what could have happened differently if their confronting barriers were not in their path in the first place. 

Barriers as illustrated above isn’t always a mountain, It could be in form of: 



life situations, 

prevailing circumstance, and so on. 

Why don’t u decide to thrive in the place of all barriers. Quitters never become more than they are, and average is their regular. 

Dare to be different!!!!!!


Her doubt never leaves!

Her pain would just not bow!.

Day after day her imaginations are at the mercy of several unanswered questions. Such questions as :

Where has he been?

His he cheating on me? 

What’s keeping him this late? 

What have I done wrong? 

Is it a crime to love unconditionally she will always murmured to herself. Yet her love wouldn’t let go. It took so long yet she stayed in the pain of this fear. Her friends would relinquish their loyalty so easily because they never had her interest at heart. 

Her hope of an utopian love refuse to actualize and now her heart cracks with every  dawn of the day. No comfort, no trust. Yet she hopes on. 
What could she have done differently?, 

How could she have reacted differently?, 

As a friend from the opposite sex, I will bury my thought on this questions. are all men supposed to be this heartless.

But then C’mon, am not this heartless!

Then how come this guy is so unconcern with the sorrow of his fiance’s lost heart. 

The reason behind some actions I would really not be able to explain or better still understand,  but this much I can do, I’ll call her mind to sanity with my words. Life is not a bed of roses and just as the popular “Creflo Dollar” will say,

“life is a series of decision! ” I will nag to her hearing on how important it is for her to stay happy. 

There’s so much about life that wouldn’t make all the sense you need them to make, but that doesn’t mean you stay sorrowful. After all change is the only constant! life has to offer. And the sorrow of today doesn’t necessarily means it’ll last forever. 

Yes her heart is wandering about in the desert  of hopeless love, but that is only temporary and soon everything is going to be fine. 

This I would often nag to her ear,  and she will mutter away. But in time her heart will mend again, this I know for certain and the decision she’ll make then would again be a sane decision. 
No one has the whole answers to life’s questions, but then we do have our will, mind and thought to reconstruct to suite us as need arises.  She will be fine this I believe strongly. And she will love again!!!!!!!!!!!💖💖💖💖💖



Life can be really unpredictable, and what to do when life situations suddenly decide to change the direction to which the ship of one’s life was suppose to sail, is indeed a blank space.

It all started 6 years ago, I was just at the brink of concluding my final examination in high school. My goal, dream and aspiration was to become a medical doctor, and to this end I read relentlessly. With the outcome of a successful examination, I looked onward with hope of getting my aspiration aright, but instead at the peak of my confidence, I was let down in shackles of disappointment. Like the pain a pregnant woman faces at the point of labor, so also was the pain I felt, the only difference is that the later pain comes with a sense of being lost.

After much extra attempts at getting medicine from various institutions, I come to settle with that which I was given in one of the institution I came across. Before me was an opportunity to pursue a career in Agricultural Sciences, a field I once swore to never tread. But then, my realistic option were really limiting; with a fear of an unknown future, I asked my self the simple question, “what will become of me and my future?”.

Now it’s no strange question I just asked myself, I muttered within; because I know a million other youth out there ask themselves the same thing everyday. But still, what do I do when all is said and done, do I pack my life like a car on the edge of a lost road or I keep moving on till I arrive at a special destination I know nothing off. This questions plagued me for so long, but then I did eventually let go of it all.

Join me as I unravel my life’s journey of uncertainty in this new memoir.

Second entry coming soon.



Life is indeed beautiful but then life isn’t a carefully tiled floor that contains wonderfully patterned set of tiles which is arraigned for approval. Every situation encountered in life isn’t gonna favor or benefit you, and as a result of that, it’s only imperative to finds a way to unwind from the complications of life. For me: Writing is my fun extra curriculum activity, which I use to calm myself and unwind from the serious series of stressful living.

As much as I find a solemn Solitude in writing, I also do know the importance of having a life outside the blogosphere. One’s dedication to his/her blog should never replace the place of reality and different other hobbies; besides blogging, the only activity I find thrilling is reading other people’s book and innovations.

It’s relatively easy to replace priorities, such as diaries upkeep with love for blogging, for me blogging has come to stay as one of my foremost hobbies whenever am less busy: but through it all the knowledge of what a blog is never elucidate me, and for that reason, my priorities are all straightened out.




The eventful night of Wednesday ended with the rising of the Thursday morning sun, leaving me in a middle state of inception. My consciousness was just barely coming back to me when I noticed My roommate for the night was already alerting me of his goodbyes, via the packing of his luggage’s. With a one closed eyes, I bid my friend good day, hoping to see him soon again. While I was yet she contemplating whether or not to close the one opened eye I had on while bidding my friend good day, The Ram close to the window of my room started making some certain noises that inevitably drew my attention and placed an end to my longing for more sleep time., I could faintly fathom the imaginary thought of pain the animal is putting up with in its head, knowing partially well he would be slaughtered in a couple of hours for the Popular eid-Mubarak festival celebrated widely by the Muslims.

The fun for the day had just began when my dad’s friends started off on each others throat, each one of them insulting the other in a derogatory tone. I mustn’t lie, the catastrophic scene was more fun than I could have anticipated, and to this end I, I sat down to take a bowl of pepper soup while I watch the gullible scene our supposed father’s were creating. I know alcohol can be a source of inspiration, but then; no one told me it’s a form of truth serum!

After watching the elderly men tear each other into shreds, the sleep I thought was over 13 hrs ago was already making a loud knock to my head, apparently it’s time to go revisit my succulent mattress. Without much thought, today was a another splendid day in my life!




Beside the window the damaged heart stood; star gazing the field for comfort:
Looking onward, the damaged heart cried, hoping for a lasting salvation;
Like the sorrow was never going to end; the damaged heart gave up hope:
Like her damaged heart wasn’t enough, he had to place a punch to her soul:
Further damaging her only made him feel powerful, but then was that enough reason:
Putting up with reality the damaged heart, knew that which she must do:
Just like the switching of life and death, the damaged heart gave way to comfort.
and amidst the loss of hope, the damaged heart grow her own salvation :
But then in the end, the hunter became the hunted, damaged he became at the mercy of the damaged girl.

A Letter to My Future Wife


The whole matter of relationship for so long, have been a topic I don’t like coming to reality to face. Reason been that, I have seen a lot of heart-broken, for what they believed so much in to be a genuine love. And yet we all go around proclaiming how important love and relationship is to our survival.

But then, the pain that comes with loving someone so dearly doesn’t stay without its own gains. as much as love and relationship hurt when it’s over, the joy it brings while it remains can’t be quantify.

So therefore, this is a letter to my future wife;

Dear Future wife,

hello love, my name is Michael and in as much as you don’t know me now, soon you’ll come to be my life partner. a lot of things won’t be right with me. in fact, you may have to fix my broken heart over a long duration. my complexity will be frustrating, that am sure off, but then don’t look at the complex man who i have come to be; instead, look deep into my eyes to find the simplicity of my person, if not for love, but then for our unborn child.

over the years sweet heart, you’ll come to discover the past i have kept so well from you, and it will disgust you. but please don’t turn to friends for explanations; please turn to me for explanations. i would sometimes be arrogant, but then love, please don’t try to outsmart my arrogance; instead, just lemme be.

lastly, i would do a lot of things that would provoke you to divorce, seeing how my empathy is a little low towards love. but please dear always turn to my mother; because “she is indeed the only one who can quench my raging storm!”.

yours sincerely

your future Husband

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