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Redefining The potential of agricultural start-ups as a strong form of SME IN NIGERIA 


clearly Understand that those who change the world are not found on the street roaming,  there are found in closets equipping themselves and brainstorming for the future. 
PROGRAM : Empowerment seminar 

TAGGED : Redefining the potential of agricultural start-ups as a strong form of S.M.E in Nigeria
DATE : 22nd – 24th of January 

VENUE : Whatsapp and Telegram 

REGISTRATION : Free! Free!! Free!!!
The seminar will be focusing on the following product :
>how to start and manage a successful cashew farming

>how to start and manage a successful yam farming 

>how to start and manage a successful Poultry business 

>how to start and manage a successful fish farming 

>how to start and manage a successful soya farming 

>how to start and manage a successful plantain farming 
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LINK TO Telegram 

Seminar room –
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Yetunde – 08169010105

Roqeeb – 08143700003

Deniyi Shoremi


CEO Demisho Incorporations 
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​Remember when we were two birds in love?

Those days were always filled with unexplainable joy, I always thought it would last forever.  I would wake up only to the aspirations of chatting with you. Nothing else in the world would make any form of sense besides the imagination of what we could evolve into.  So short the love lived and yet it felt like a lifetime of experience. 
The end came sloping steeply and we both saw it coming, yet our power to slow it was so weak, and it was as faint as the horn of a car that has moved 15miles down the highway.  We stand to blame each other as we both could not see how the end was from each other. Tears running down our cheek like a carefree dam that’s been allow to flush itself toward steady quantity. It was never easy the goodbye we had to pronounce to each other, but then we did. 

Owhhhh! How all this experience felt like an event that occurred yesterday. I will never stop remembering how we were like two birds in love at all times. 😥😥😥😥😥💓💓💓💓

What it means to feel lost

Life at its best can only be computational, you keep on projecting but then the end result doesn’t at all times show what you projecting. And whenever some certain projections fails repeatedly, one often assume his/her life ain’t moving smoothly. This feeling I know too well.  

I was met by an opportunity in a period of financial doubt, I had so much plans facing a successful life,  I made astute projections which is believe would yield the result of success. But at the end it was met with unfortunate mishap.  

For a period of time, days, or maybe week (depression was setting in already and time was slipping pass me), I was discouraged, I wouldn’t invest anymore and I won’t trust no more; it was really painful to see your clear projection crumbles before you. I wallowed in my doubt and failure till my skin puffs out the odour of doubt. 

But then I held myself strong,  waxed my conscience to strength because I know staying low and defeated is no way to face the future, No one said life is a smooth tarred road. Sometimes, some occurrence happens and we don’t have all the answers to the “why?”, but one thing we do have is the will to move past them. I moved past my doubt and I am certain someday I will look back to see how well things have played out, irrespective of what the data presented looked like. Never give up because, nothing in life comes easy. 

Financial Freedom


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Oceans (where feet may fail)

​When oceans rise, possibilities of feet failing becomes a fear or a question, having the right knowledge eventually becomes what determines whether you walk on the waters or you sink below the waters.

Do live with the right knowledge – 

And you will always live a meaningful life.


Inspiration – Oceans (where feet may fail).



She moves from room to room, at a pace of a confused soul; she couldn’t help it.

I mean, the pain had always been there, but this time, its different.

everyone she knows, is not who she thought they were anymore,

her life is plunging deep into a crash of un-saving reputation;

Tracy! Tracy!! Tracy!!!

you seem to have over done it this time, you should have stayed quiet:

now; your ridicule will be without redemption!

(a touching story of Tracy’s life of un-expected turns, coming soon to this blog)






“The fight is inexplicably painful and it has over time proves fruitless!!! Or maybe it’s because this can’t be fought to victory without a spiritual help! Or at least so I thought.”


‘That thought though’ is a story that comes to freedom after much struggle with the mind and its emotion along with its feeling. The thoughts that often cross our mind are a kind of a powerful tool that can alter every bit of our responce and reaction to life. In the course of the next 32 episode, the power and grip that a single thought have on our daily life will be seen as it unravels itself in a vary manifold side of dubious endeavors through the life of a sister.

Adedamola whom the story is majored on is a 400Level student of Ladoke Akintola University Of Technology (Lautech), this whole column that’s about kicking off is based on Adedamola victory over addiction that sprout out via his thought. Now it’s only logical to assume everyone move around daily with different addictions some of which are seen as minimal until there sprout out potential branch of problem that eventually weighs their respective spiritual life down, example of such addictions are ‘telling of lies’, ‘stealing’, ‘cheating’, ‘covetousness’, ‘bad habit of various kind’. As much as sometimes the willpower is present to fight and halt the various addictions, the only success to ending every addiction is looking up to God because he is the only one who can help ones infirmity.

Adedamola’s addictions will remain veiled at the early episode of this story, but as the episode fasten up, the addictions will carefully unravel its intention. This story isn’t just for amusement and entertaining of oneself, its shared for the mortifying of the lust of the flesh that arise via bad addictions and it is also shared to brings faith to whoever reads it as regarding addictions. No matter how webbed you are into an addiction, its important you know that all it takes sometimes is someone that God is willing to use that is going to bring you out of any addiction. I have decide to share this story with the public because such addictions torments the modern day Christian and the irony of it all is that circumstances around doesn’t propose a need to give it up, instead it show how petty an addiction whatever situation you are caught up in is, thus giving one a sense of being in a right standing with God when in actual sense one is getting far away from his fellowship on daily basis.

Eccl 3:4-6

4 A time to weep, And a time to laugh; A time to mourn, And a time to dance;

5 A time to cast away stones, And a time to gather stones; A time to embrace, And a time to refrain from embracing;

6 A time to gain, And a time to lose; A time to keep, And a time to throw away; NKJV

Eccl 3:15

15 That which is has already been, And what is to be has already been; And God requires an account of what is past. NKJV

This two verses from Ecclesiastes chapter 3 is one that backs up this story and its addictions , and if one take time well to discern this verses, one will realize all things in life is a gift and shouldn’t be misused. This knowledge is what Adedamola understood eventually, after going deep into it all.

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