It's all about Weird scenerio, Memoirs and Articles


The objectives of this blog!
This blog was born of a heart to escape reality in its congruent form. This doesn’t mean my blogosphere is a mould world of fantasy. It’s just a place, where I get to leave the world behind and then face my writing utopia.
           If I am to highlight the Goal of this blog in 3 facet, it will be
1. To re-create a world where everyone comes to drop their fragment of imagination, penned down as an article, or a true life memoir of either themselves or from others. What am saying in essence is that, I would very much welcome other articulate witty writers, both editorially gifted writers and thoughtful writers.
2. I would pretty much love to build a space whose popularity amongst other blogosphere would be of one peculiarities; to express yourself, either via imaginative write-ups or experience detailing of a particular situation. in the end this will create an avenue for drawing great traffic to the blog.
3. my third Goal will be to make this blog personal by purchasing a domain.


  1. Those are great goals…I hope you accomplish them:)

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