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Life can be really unpredictable, and what to do when life situations suddenly decide to change the direction to which the ship of one’s life was suppose to sail, is indeed a blank space.

It all started 6 years ago, I was just at the brink of concluding my final examination in high school. My goal, dream and aspiration was to become a medical doctor, and to this end I read relentlessly. With the outcome of a successful examination, I looked onward with hope of getting my aspiration aright, but instead at the peak of my confidence, I was let down in shackles of disappointment. Like the pain a pregnant woman faces at the point of labor, so also was the pain I felt, the only difference is that the later pain comes with a sense of being lost.

After much extra attempts at getting medicine from various institutions, I come to settle with that which I was given in one of the institution I came across. Before me was an opportunity to pursue a career in Agricultural Sciences, a field I once swore to never tread. But then, my realistic option were really limiting; with a fear of an unknown future, I asked my self the simple question, “what will become of me and my future?”.

Now it’s no strange question I just asked myself, I muttered within; because I know a million other youth out there ask themselves the same thing everyday. But still, what do I do when all is said and done, do I pack my life like a car on the edge of a lost road or I keep moving on till I arrive at a special destination I know nothing off. This questions plagued me for so long, but then I did eventually let go of it all.

Join me as I unravel my life’s journey of uncertainty in this new memoir.

Second entry coming soon.



Life is indeed beautiful but then life isn’t a carefully tiled floor that contains wonderfully patterned set of tiles which is arraigned for approval. Every situation encountered in life isn’t gonna favor or benefit you, and as a result of that, it’s only imperative to finds a way to unwind from the complications of life. For me: Writing is my fun extra curriculum activity, which I use to calm myself and unwind from the serious series of stressful living.

As much as I find a solemn Solitude in writing, I also do know the importance of having a life outside the blogosphere. One’s dedication to his/her blog should never replace the place of reality and different other hobbies; besides blogging, the only activity I find thrilling is reading other people’s book and innovations.

It’s relatively easy to replace priorities, such as diaries upkeep with love for blogging, for me blogging has come to stay as one of my foremost hobbies whenever am less busy: but through it all the knowledge of what a blog is never elucidate me, and for that reason, my priorities are all straightened out.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

It was indeed a coincidence! we met like a stranger at the hallway, looked past each other like we were never going to talk to each other ever. then suddenly the organization’s WIFI was our common ground. from that day onward, our friendship  became a long story filled with emotions, it got so serious seeing the end was so hurtful, but then a end was inevitably going to surface. but then who said “a friendship ever have to end!” its all about one’s perspectives. just as Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” and this is all am grateful for.
in memory of a wonderful friend.



so am not really big on poem et al, but I’ve decide to give it this bold try.

The thought of the love I should have had, remained as hopeless as the shape the window in the attic had assume;

The believe and faith that loves brings, seems all so old like the window frame of a haunted attic;

waiting patiently by the rear of the window, hoping for a miracle to intervene;

like a still water, the atmosphere around me remained real calm;

at the frustration of my lost mind, I decide to depart the window;

now leaving the confinement of the illusive window, which effects on me sure felt like I was lost in space!

I could almost believe within myself, that I never went close to the mysterious window in the first place;

An illusion I will surely tell and announce!



Love doesn’t have to be so complicated!

sometimes in March, i confronted larry on a number of decision he had started manifesting; this i did, to know what was going on in his life. At the end of this short story about larry’s life, i believe you’ll come to agree with my advice for him.

The life larry has decided to start dwelling in, is as much normal as a life many has chosen for themselves in the past, the only problem was his conscience. Larry from his youthful days have always known, that he had emotional attachment to his best-friend who happen to be the same-sex with him; the thought of such emotional attachment drove him to a mad extreme of internal denial. after i and larry met, it didn’t take too long before we became close friends, to the stage where he felt so relax to share a secret or two with me. Michael he said, i have a problem to share with you. with a straight face i asked him to go ahead with the secret.

after 3 hours of conversing, i came to realize that larry’s past 5 years have been cemented on emotional torture. at this stage all i could tell him was not too worry or dwell much on the thought, instead! he should approach his best-friend about his feelings.

now its cogent i tell you that larry is a very religious person, who takes his religious life to heart. as at the time i encouraged larry to tell his best friend of his emotional thought, and then see what becomes of it. After my advice, all larry could mutter to me was that it’s all a sin!!! i looked back at him with a slight smile, and tell him “GOD GAVE YOU THE HEART TO LOVE ANYONE, BUT WHAT YOU THEN DO WITH SUCH LOVE IS WHAT DETERMINES IF ITS SIN OR NOT!.” as i was about leaving, larry thanked me for the piece of advice, and i left him with this simple word, ‘LOVE DON’T HAVE TO BE SO COMPLICATED’.


LIKE as the dictionary puts it, is To derive pleasure of, by or with someone or something.
LEARN also means To acquire, or attempt to acquire knowledge or an ability to do something
WISH on the other end means a desire, hope, or longing for something or for something to happen.

Now that the knowledge of this three have been settled,
My interest are a faction of the things I like, such as blogging for example. Now, You may wonder to what extent my interest in blogging stretches to? But then to know that, we would have to know the things I’ve learned from blogging.
This are the few things i’ve come to learn from blogging; with blogging,

1. You have a freedom of expression

2. You have a freedom of identity.
3. You have a freedom of imaginative writing.

All this three above, is the reason I like and crave blogging.

Lastly, what I wish for?

There’s nothing I wish so much for than the time available for me to post the things that remained locked up within the confinement of my heart.


index 11

My interest in writing is locked up in my will to amassing an unlimited freedom of imagination and expression.

from a world whose precept about writing resides within a confined world and space.

I have made up my mind to take advantage of the will spirit the internet has distributed to online freelance writer,

to show case my most humble and wildest imagination.

i believe everyone deserve his/her shot at doing that which interest and makes them happy,

and that’s exactly what am doing!!!

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