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The night after i and my dad had a sparing disagreement, as to whether or not i am permitted to go camping at the great historic tararua forest park at Wellington with some close friends of mine, something really strange happened, i could swear that the stars had so many things, that are sure weird and creepy. firstly, the stars congregate to form a warning sign in form of an exclamation mark, like that wasn’t facilitating enough, I also heard echos from it. now, as the time I heard these echos, i was already yawning from the sleep am yet to have. still, i believed the stars actually did echoed something to me; even though i don’t know what that is just yet, i intend to find out at all cost what that is. on getting inside, i narrated my assumptions to Evelyn my sister, she was so certain, i was hallucinating from the long gaze i had placed on watching the stars all night. with all said and suggested, my believe was keenly place in the knowledge that, the stars did communicate to me.

A day into the frivolous camping i and my friend had placed ourselves into, i couldn’t help but think about the fight that had occurred between i and my dad, and how trivial the topic that caused it was. in addition to those thought, the incident regarding the congregated star could also barely leave my memory, making my stay here in camp unpleasant. with hopeful determination, i stayed up that night, believing something strange will happen again. but just when my eyes were gradually getting close to the nightly atmosphere, one of the forest rangers, tapped me lightly on the shoulder. with utmost fear of the unknown, i jumped up shouting “help”: calm down boy, i am an official here, and i just wanted to tell you to go and sleep inside, instead of sleeping out here in the cold. except you’ve got something on your mind, you wanna ruminate over.

having sat for an hour to discuss some of my personal issues with the ranger, a snake crawled to my friends tent, hoping to get find something i honestly don’t know about. but from the rear, i saw a shadow cast of the snake on the body of the creamy tent, browsing with its flawed belle through various bucket that was placed inside the tent. with all hastiness, the ranger made arrangement while my friends were still sleeping helplessly within the zone where the snake was parading round. the noise my friend made an hour after the snake was killed, was indeed epic and scary. i just felt so grateful the next day when we were all fully seated inside the bus, healthy and fine irrespective of what transpired a day before.

at the end of it all, i believe the stars were my saving grace; because had i not been out focusing on the stars, i and my friends safety would have been highly questionable.

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