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Life can be really unpredictable, and what to do when life situations suddenly decide to change the direction to which the ship of one’s life was suppose to sail, is indeed a blank space.

It all started 6 years ago, I was just at the brink of concluding my final examination in high school. My goal, dream and aspiration was to become a medical doctor, and to this end I read relentlessly. With the outcome of a successful examination, I looked onward with hope of getting my aspiration aright, but instead at the peak of my confidence, I was let down in shackles of disappointment. Like the pain a pregnant woman faces at the point of labor, so also was the pain I felt, the only difference is that the later pain comes with a sense of being lost.

After much extra attempts at getting medicine from various institutions, I come to settle with that which I was given in one of the institution I came across. Before me was an opportunity to pursue a career in Agricultural Sciences, a field I once swore to never tread. But then, my realistic option were really limiting; with a fear of an unknown future, I asked my self the simple question, “what will become of me and my future?”.

Now it’s no strange question I just asked myself, I muttered within; because I know a million other youth out there ask themselves the same thing everyday. But still, what do I do when all is said and done, do I pack my life like a car on the edge of a lost road or I keep moving on till I arrive at a special destination I know nothing off. This questions plagued me for so long, but then I did eventually let go of it all.

Join me as I unravel my life’s journey of uncertainty in this new memoir.

Second entry coming soon.




The eventful night of Wednesday ended with the rising of the Thursday morning sun, leaving me in a middle state of inception. My consciousness was just barely coming back to me when I noticed My roommate for the night was already alerting me of his goodbyes, via the packing of his luggage’s. With a one closed eyes, I bid my friend good day, hoping to see him soon again. While I was yet she contemplating whether or not to close the one opened eye I had on while bidding my friend good day, The Ram close to the window of my room started making some certain noises that inevitably drew my attention and placed an end to my longing for more sleep time., I could faintly fathom the imaginary thought of pain the animal is putting up with in its head, knowing partially well he would be slaughtered in a couple of hours for the Popular eid-Mubarak festival celebrated widely by the Muslims.

The fun for the day had just began when my dad’s friends started off on each others throat, each one of them insulting the other in a derogatory tone. I mustn’t lie, the catastrophic scene was more fun than I could have anticipated, and to this end I, I sat down to take a bowl of pepper soup while I watch the gullible scene our supposed father’s were creating. I know alcohol can be a source of inspiration, but then; no one told me it’s a form of truth serum!

After watching the elderly men tear each other into shreds, the sleep I thought was over 13 hrs ago was already making a loud knock to my head, apparently it’s time to go revisit my succulent mattress. Without much thought, today was a another splendid day in my life!




Beside the window the damaged heart stood; star gazing the field for comfort:
Looking onward, the damaged heart cried, hoping for a lasting salvation;
Like the sorrow was never going to end; the damaged heart gave up hope:
Like her damaged heart wasn’t enough, he had to place a punch to her soul:
Further damaging her only made him feel powerful, but then was that enough reason:
Putting up with reality the damaged heart, knew that which she must do:
Just like the switching of life and death, the damaged heart gave way to comfort.
and amidst the loss of hope, the damaged heart grow her own salvation :
But then in the end, the hunter became the hunted, damaged he became at the mercy of the damaged girl.



Early this week, I read a post on a lovely blog about A letter to the newly diagnosed , to which end I placed a touching comment.

But then this post did not just captured my eyes and intellect, it also found a way to my heart. I have always thought of what power illness, sicknesses and disease operate with, that makes them exert so powerful an impression and a restructured way of life on their victims. But then, the more I ponder on such thought, the more I feel heavy at heart towards all that is concerned. Sometimes last year I had a brief illness, I believe the Doctor tagged it “gonorrhea ” but then I would not put you guys through the detail as to how I contracted such ailment. The pertinent inspiration I want to draw from such experience was that, during the period of time this ailment persist, there wasn’t a part of my existence that didn’t flash before my eyes, from the past to my present. This flashback overwhelmed me and in no time, depression sets in; my only saving thought was how do I stay alert.

Going to the toilet, I can’t overestimate the pain that engulf me whenever I want to use the convenience room, but then the hope my doctor placed in my heart brought a whole new light to my life, this hope; I will forever be grateful for, because it just didn’t add to my strength, it gave me something to look forward to and at that moment, my life changed for the better.

That moment, was my life defining moment, where I understood more about what life could be for different people going through different things and circumstances. Always take it to heart to always say something beautiful to anyone around you, because in reality you just cannot tell what does beautiful words you saying could be doing to that person.


“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

It was indeed a coincidence! we met like a stranger at the hallway, looked past each other like we were never going to talk to each other ever. then suddenly the organization’s WIFI was our common ground. from that day onward, our friendship  became a long story filled with emotions, it got so serious seeing the end was so hurtful, but then a end was inevitably going to surface. but then who said “a friendship ever have to end!” its all about one’s perspectives. just as Dr. Seuss said “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” and this is all am grateful for.
in memory of a wonderful friend.



  • What are your writing habits?

writing can be a getaway mode of relaxation, and it could be a means to quiet joy, for instance when i indulge myself into my writing habits, i love picking up on hysterical event that have occurred in the past, and also i appreciate picking on peoples intelligence.

  • What equipment or supplies do you use to write?

my equipment for writing is majorly my personal computer or my device. occasionally, i use my diary and notebooks

  • What do you need and want in a physical space?

to be candid, the enviroment in which you write or type, goes a long way in stating how your articles will come out; especially if you are a person who do more of articulate writing. so therefore i love writing and typing in a serene environment, where sounds from fellow humans are at its minimal



so am not really big on poem et al, but I’ve decide to give it this bold try.

The thought of the love I should have had, remained as hopeless as the shape the window in the attic had assume;

The believe and faith that loves brings, seems all so old like the window frame of a haunted attic;

waiting patiently by the rear of the window, hoping for a miracle to intervene;

like a still water, the atmosphere around me remained real calm;

at the frustration of my lost mind, I decide to depart the window;

now leaving the confinement of the illusive window, which effects on me sure felt like I was lost in space!

I could almost believe within myself, that I never went close to the mysterious window in the first place;

An illusion I will surely tell and announce!

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