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THAT THOUGHT; THOUGH (A tertiary experience)



My name is Adedamola sholanke, a 21 years old undergraduate from the prestigious Ladoke akintola university of technology Ogbomosho, and this is my personality journal………..

“CHALLENGE – As the dictionary defines it, is an instigation or antagonization intended to convince a person to perform an action they otherwise would not”

(Damola’s thought:-I am confused and lost God! I know nothing you created was ever a mistake, infact everything you ever brought to existence is perfect. I, my life and personality are no exception to the truth that is sure. To be specific, I remember the book of psalms talked about “how wonderfully complex God made me” and besides he have made me a god here on earth according to psalm 82:6, so c’mon how could my life be imperfect……, but to be realistic, I know how I feel and honestly it’s all killing me so much, nothing feels real anymore. Or could this be one of the wiles of the devil to alter my expected end and future?…………..)

It all expanded 3 years ago, just after my pre-degree program. As at that time, i was still trying to secure for myself an admission into a tertiary institution. Initially It started off as a thought that wouldn’t back down for norms and rights.

My thought: you know very well, you are attracted to him,

Damola: I guess so!

My thought: you know you wanna go close to him!

Damola: no I don’t!

My thought: yes you do!

Damola: you can suggest all you like and want, but am not going close to him, attraction is all there is to me and him.

Damola: I have given you more space than required, that’s why you brewing all this negative imagination.

My thought: ……………………………………………………

Damola: is it really wrong to get close to him and besides what could possibly go wrong with getting close to him. Well I’ve got better things to worry about any way.

10 month earlier………………………….

Brother AY: (on phone) hello

Damola: (on phone) how far bro ay

Brother AY: (on phone) I heard something just now from my cousin at lautech,

Damola: lautech?

Brother AY: (on phone) Ladoke Akintola University of technology Ogbomosho

Damola: oh, what’s up with the school?

Brother AY: (on phone) I heard the school is selling to the public their pre-degree form, I believe you will benefit from this opportunity, because trust me when I say this is your best short at entering university fast.

Damola: owk then, I will tell dad about it, and you too should call dad as well to inform him of the program.

Brother AY: (on phone) sure I will.

Damola: thanks so much

Brother AY: (on phone) your welcome dear, do take care of yourself.

……………. Brother AY hanged up.

A day after I and brother AY had the call regarding the form for pre-degree that is being sold at lautech, my dad called me to his room and told me brother AY called him this morning to inform him of a pre-degree form at lautech, he asked me what I think about going to undergo the pre-degree program the school is offering, I replied with an immediate yes, since either way a year at home is inevitable for me. In the light of my reply, my dad gave me #11000 naira for the form; he said brother AY told him his cousin in Ogbomosho informed him the form is #10000 naira, so I should get across to AY and ask him how I will go about the whole process. I left his presence with a level of joy overwhelming my heart, a joy that seems more like winning a lottery towards a future of freedom.

Waking up the next day, the day seems bright; I just hope it will be bright long enough for me to accomplish today’s goal. Placing a call to brother AY is my first priority, after which I will get on the registration. Not too long after brushing my teeth did I hear a loud call from dad, wondered what could cause my name to be echoed that loud.

Daddy: damola!!!

Damola: sir!!!

Daddy: am going out to see Mr Thompson, do wash the car before I get back.

Damola: owk sir.

How Ironical is it that dad could shout my name out that loud, just so I can wash some car, and then whisper my name so low when calling to give me a gift. Most times, I wonder if he often forgot my gender, or doesn’t he know that it’s not mentally right for a lady to wash cars; mtchewww!.

An hour later, I heard some light persistent step behind me, while pretending its nothing, my dad echoed again, saying “(Yoruba) se oti se tan ni, ki lon fo”. At the sound of my dad’s voice, I hurriedly tidy up what was remaining to be washed on the car and left to get ready to go out. Having had my bath so early this morning, I didn’t waste any time putting on a beautiful dress, one that echoes success to the atmosphere. I could swear, that the enthusiasm at which I dressed myself up was that of a fresh undergraduate.


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